Green Car Case Study


Case Study Green Car case-study GreenCar is an environmentally conscious Not for profit company that provides carpooling solutions with the aim of reducing the burden on the environment and the economy. We believe that our action will directly help in reducing global warming. The GreenCar approached NCSofttech to ensure that their traffic, business goal so […]

Inland Travels Case-study


Case Study Inland Travels case-study Website Re-Designing Inland Travels, founded by Nimit Sharma, Inland Travels was established 6 years ago. It began with the opening of the first Inland Travels located in Noida, which focused entirely on business travel. Website was not well designed. It was just like an offsite blog. So we have revamp […]

Net data vault casestudy

Case Study Net Data Vault case-study NetDataVault is a brand owned and promoted by NGBPS LIMITED. NGBPS was established in the year 1991 and incorporated in the year 1995 as a closely held Public Limited Company, with a vision to enable and support the upcoming “Server Farms” now known as Data Centers. The NetDataVault contacted […]

My cloud bazaar case study


Case Study My Cloud Bazaar case-study MyCloudBazaar is a New Delhi, India based Cloud Service Brokerage offering a Market Place for Hosted Cloud Apps (SaaS) and Cloud Infrastructure(IaaS). The MyCloudBazaar or MCB approached NCSofttech to ensure that their traffic, business goal so that people are able to reach their website. Challenge When MCB decided to […]