Case Study

Green Car case-study

GreenCar is an environmentally conscious Not for profit company that provides carpooling solutions with the aim of reducing the burden on the environment and the economy. We believe that our action will directly help in reducing global warming. The GreenCar approached NCSofttech to ensure that their traffic, business goal so that people are able to reach their website.


When GreenCar decided to take their business online, they were faced with the challenge to gain website traffic and make their website easily approachable for their target audience.

Project Strategy

For NCSofttech, each client is unique and we adopted a personalized approach to design and optimize the perfect SEO strategy for GreenCar. Our team of Digital Marketers initiated work with website analysis report, competitor analysis, and industry study. Based on their research, the following strategy was formulated –


  1. Keyword research and analysis to identify the top 20 keywords in relation to industry and geographical location.
  2. Landing pages creation for better keyword targeting.
  3. Inclusion of more relevant keywords for keywords targeting.
  4. Keyword ranking reports each month to assess progress (Google, Yahoo, and Bing).
  5. High rank incoming links.
  6. Local Business submission to directories
  7. Sitemap creation and Submission
  8. Integrating blog posts with current affairs giving GreenCar readers a reason to visit their website.

Success Measurements

The results of our SEO approach were outstanding. Within three months of implementing this strategy there was a remarkable improvement in the website ranking. Our other significant achievements were as follows –


SEO Achievements

Social Media Marketing strategy


To establish the brand, increase brand visibility and create great brand imagery. We had to create buzz about all new happenings and generate more likes on the official Facebook page and increase followers in Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram for GreenCar.


We started by doing a detailed study about prevailing competition in the market, and laid down a road map and strategy for our course of action. Other strategies we followed were –

  • Posting regular posts and creatives relevant to latest offers, discounts for readers.
  • Engage audience with interesting and catchy content.
  • Engaging users by creating online polls, quizs and contests
  • Creating education and study related humor to engage users
  • Create online videos, post creative’s and post content based on current affairs & relevant issues
  • PPT Submission



We successfully achieved our primary objective of attracting great response on Social Media.

We accumulated numerous likes on the posts, followers, shares, comments, etc.

GreenCar’s Facebook page saw a steep rise in the traffic which was further complemented by traffic on site.

SMM Achievements

Paid Campaign

  • Landing Page Creation
  • Campaign Creation
  • Ad Copy Creation
  • Campaign Designing
  • Campaign Publishing
  • Campaign Optimization
  • Campaign Analysis
  • Campaign Tracking
  • Facebook Campaign
  • Twitter Campaign

Paid Campaign Success Rate

  • CTR in Adwords 25%
  • Quality Score 9/10

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