5 Important Tips for Real Estate SEO

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The real estate industry is very competitive, especially in major cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Gurgaon. All realtors are out to do everything in their power to increase their business’s visibility and get those listings.

To make your business and your listings appear higher on search engines, you need a full-proof real estate SEO strategy. Competition is very fierce in the real estate niche but using these five tips will help you build a strong SEO foundation, and ultimately dominate search engines.

Start with an SEO Audit

An SEO audit enables you to understand which pages are doing well and where improvements are needed. Though the process of performing an audit is time-consuming, it serves as a benchmark for your brand’s progress and gives you the information you need to create a roadmap to success.

However, understanding SEO thoroughly is no easy task; it takes years to become an expert. As such, it’s in the best interest of your website and real estate brand to hire a real estate SEO service in India. The professionals will assist you in ranking your site higher, increasing organic traffic to your online presence and most importantly, generating leads. They do so by focusing on site structure, site maps and page structure, including titles, meta descriptions, heading tags, URLs and alt tags.

SEO services for real estate also give great emphasis to quality content – from structure keyword and link placement to visual elements, duplicates and redirects, great content is one of the key factors of a successful real estate website. Moreover, one should also focus on Outbound and inbound links, interlinking with other pages on your site and broken links so that the brand’s audience is given a smooth user experience.

Identify Targeted Keywords

Search engines are in the match-making business. They key to reach and convert new customers is based on a wide selection of in-depth quality content on your website and mobile applications. Keywords match online users with the best resources and search engines will include you in keyword searches only if relevant keywords are present throughout your online products.

However, there needs to be a balance of keywords in all content and a professional real estate SEO service in India can assist your website with this. They will identify the keywords to build a strong real estate SEO strategy and further use them in a way so Google or other search engines don’t penalise your website for ‘keyword stuffing’.

The nation-wide competition for broad keywords, such as ‘real estate’ or ‘realtor’ is fierce. However, you can rank higher on search using long-tail keywords, such as ‘sustainable homes using solar energy’ and local keywords, such as ‘townhouses in north Delhi’. Add such phrases and local identifiers to your website to ensure you’re matched with local and long-tail searches.

Optimize for Mobile Devices

The smartphone market is booming and 52% of the global internet traffic comes from mobile phones. And this trend is also impacting how buyers and renters are finding their homes. This directly implies that if you want to keep Google and your potential audience happy, your real-estate website needs to be mobile-friendly.

You can also go for professional SEO services for real estate to assist you with responsive design, page speed, hosting speed, homepage, site navigation, site search, forms, conversions and usability.

A responsive design automatically adjusts your site to fit any device’s screen, which is crucial for usability. Fast page speed is also very important because if visitors have to wait too long, they’ll likely click back to the search results to find a more user-friendly site. And most importantly, keep things as simple as possible. The more a user has to navigate through to accomplish their goal, the less likely they will be to follow through all the way to the end.

Get Social

Social media is one of the most efficient ways to spread the word about your business. Having an online presence on social media won’t directly affect your search engine ranking but it is one of the most important parts of your digital marketing strategy. A well-structured social media strategy connects you with your targeted audience and increases your exposure in the market.

However, such practices don’t come easily, so seeking the help of an efficient real estate digital marketing agency comes really handy. They drive conversions and traffic to your website via social media and also build your brand’s authority, trust and awareness.

While it might be tempting to be everywhere on social media, it’s advisable for real estate businesses to pick a few platforms and do them well rather than spreading your brand so thin that your content quality suffers. Beyond Facebook, real estate accounts work the best on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

Provide Handy Online Tools

Offering online tools such as mortgage calculators are in high demand and they have the highest search volume in the entire vertical. People love such kind of tools that are needed while navigating through the website. Such mid-stage content gives real estate companies the opportunity to engage and interact with consumers. Such amnesties make your audience’s search easier and this has potential to bring back customers to your site again and again.

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