6 Smart Tips to Boost Your Real Estate Website Traffic

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A major chunk of customers are now online; buyers turn to the Internet for all types of needs and homes are no exception. However, real estates’ online presence is also increasing than ever. As such, you need to make your website and real estate listings accessible and findable online.

Search Engine Optimization is one tool you have at your disposal that will take your website and listings so they rank higher on search engines. However, it takes years to master SEO and a professional real estate SEO consultant in Delhi or anywhere across India is worth every shot for your business. They will increase your website’s visibility in search results, meaning more potential buyers will see on your website and available properties. Here we present a few real estate SEO tips to help you get started with the strategy.

Target Keywords for Desktop Search Engines

Search engines are exceptionally good in the match-making business. To generate leads, there needs to be a wide selection of in-depth quality content on your website. Identifying which keywords to include in your content is the most essential part of building a successful real estate SEO strategy.

The competition to rank higher on search engines is fierce and your website needs to be tended by professional experts to make a mark in the market. SEO services for real estate go beyond simply presenting your keywords throughout your online services and products, and also include keywords in URLs, page titles and metadata. The best real estate SEO services in Gurgaon and other Indian cities ensure your website is matched with local and long-tail searches, while maintaining a balance of using keywords so your website doesn’t get penalise by search engines.

Optimise for Mobile Devices

Smartphones are changing the landscape of the digital world, including the way people are finding their homes nowadays. And more than half of global internet traffic comes from mobile phones. Even Google is privileging content tailored for mobile. So to keep Google and your clients happy, your website needs to run without any glitches on smartphones and tablets.

To attract the attention of more audience, you need to optimise your content and designs for mobile devices and use mobile-friendly templates and mobile-testing tools to ensure your products work well on the various devices available today. A real estate SEO expert in Noida or any other city in India will create a responsive design of your website so it automatically adjusts to fit any device’s screen, which is crucial for usability. Further, to keep the attention of your audience, they speed things up on the mobile-friendly website by minifying codes and optimizing images. SEO is no easy task and investing in an efficient real estate SEO company in India is worth every penny because this marketing tool is bound to reap positive results.

Highlight Address in Every Content

You may be the best realtor in your city but that doesn’t mean you will rank high on search engines by simply using basic keywords. You have to use targeted keywords of areas and neighbourhoods since you’re able to sell and show homes only in certain areas.

A real estate SEO consultant in Noida or anywhere across the country focuses on implementing words and phrases that are location-specific rather than simply optimising your written content with broad and basic keywords. They include the street address, city, and zip code as a part of your real estate listing SEO strategy so it makes easier for the search engines and subsequently draw more attention of potential customers.

Promote Listings on Website and Blog

You cannot rely on search engines to do all the work of bringing traffic. Link every individual listing from your website and focus on creating a section of recent properties on your homepage to attract more attention to your real estate website. In case you have a blog, that’s a viable way to keep visitors up to date on your latest developments, offers and products. Invest on a Real Estate SEO Strategy that is not overly promotional as it might lead to losing subscribers. Pick a strategy that adds a few properties at equal intervals of time but each of the post could potentially spark some new clients.

Optimize Your Website’s Images

Images are essentially the most important part of real estate websites and listings. They have the utmost potential to make buyers want to connect to you, giving you the golden opportunity to give a much better sense of a property than text alone. While pictures can do wonders for the human eye, they don’t appeal to search engines. The only way they can tell the quality of your images are from their file names and alt descriptions. Any best real estate SEO company in India ensures to include these methods to your real estate SEO strategy, so that both your images and content are highly relevant to people looking for properties.

Use Social Media Often

Social media has the power to reach the masses like no other. Use social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest and link them to your website. These media channels serve as the perfect route to attract the attention of potential buyers and lead the traffic to your website. Hire professional SEO services for real estate to create such content and social media strategies that strike the perfect chord with the audience. Moreover, you need to be active on these online platforms, so hiring capable real estate SEO services in Gurgaon or any other Indian city will save you the time to focus on other aspects of your business.

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