How To Build A Personal Brand

In this day and age, you may hear of the word branding more than a few times a day, and with good reason. Branding is the magic word behind the success of a business or individual. Branding makes the difference between struggling to get noticed and being in the limelight, catching all the media attention.

What is personal branding?

Simply put, personal branding is the process of putting yourself out there and marketing yourself as a brand. It involves the continuous process of maintaining and creating a reputation for yourself or your company within the online world. A good personal brand cannot be achieved overnight. It takes time and a good personal branding strategy to ensure that your brand is grown to a level where you can become one of the most revered or talked about leaders.

What are some benefits of personal branding?

  • With a reliable personal branding service, you should be able to stand out from the crowd, a mile ahead of your competition
  • Personal branding can help to boost your network and give you the right platform to reach a wider group of viewers and listeners.
  • A strong brand will open more doors of opportunity for you thus making it possible for you to grow your business and increase your revenue collections.

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Personal Branding Tips

1. Have a focus

Know what you want to be known for and stick to it. Identify your target audience demographics and create your message to appeal to this demographic. The more you can focus and narrow your message, the easier it will become for your audience to remember you and what you stand for.

2. Be genuine

The need for you to be authentic and genuine cannot be overstated. If you nurture your brand after someone else’s, your audience will quickly call you out as a copycat. Whatever content you post online to help grow your brand should help to amplify you, and not someone you are pretending to be.

3. Tell a story

Create and tell a story around your brand that your audience can relate to and engage with. One of the simplest ways to tell a story is to use video or written content. Your branding strategy could include sending a video message to your clients.

4. Be consistent

It is easier to get recognized and identified for one message if you are consistent in creating a brand voice and content for it. Therefore identify something unique that your target audience can identify you with and know that it’s you.

5. Live your brand

The personal branding strategy that you opt for should be a reflection of who you are and what you stand for in real life. Your brand should amplify what you believe in and if possible should go a step further and follow you everywhere you go.

6. Evolve with time

The personal branding services that you choose, should make it possible for you to continuously evolve and stay on top of the market trends. Therefore, your brand should be dynamic and sustainable.

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