10 Reasons Why Your Brand Needs A Strong Social Media Presence

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Social media was once viewed as a passing fad but today, it is a must-have marketing tool for all kinds of businesses. It is no longer the question of if your brand has a social media presence; rather it is whether your business is using social media to its fullest potential.

Setting up profiles, publishing random content and expecting results out of it is a thing of the past now. Today, social media is an integral part of a brand’s overall marketing strategy. And the lack of a solid strategy has caused innumerable businesses to missing key opportunities to see results from social media marketing. Your social media presence and strategy should be treated the same way you treat your business’ financial goals and plans.

If you truly want to build your brand, develop relationships, see results, strengthen your fan base and increase word-of-mouth advocacy, this is the time to put a social media strategy in place. Here are 10 reasons why your business must have a social media presence.

Build Brand Awareness

Companies can tell their story and why they provide the services they offer across different platforms. They can keep their online audiences engaged with customer and employee stories. B2B leaders can extend their brand reach even further by leveraging the voice of their employees. Every employee has potentially hundreds of contacts who will engage with your online channels if content is relevant.

Generating Leads

Any best social media marketing agency in India helps build brand credibility with potential customers and these strategies can lead to generating leads. Agencies put their efforts towards creating meaningful conversations and engagement with your brand’s target audience by posting infographics, videos and interesting trends.

Nurturing Leads

Social selling and social media marketing in India enables sales professionals and marketing executives to build relationships with leads. They help potential customers solve problems by social proofing, leveraging their thought leadership pieces and other content. This enables your sales team and subsequently your brand to build trust and credibility.

Implementing Social Listening

Listening to customers and what your audience is saying about your brand gives you opportunities to get feedback and understand how others view your brand. It gives a chance to improve areas that are weak while reinforcing aspects that are already relevant to people.

Measuring Marketing Efforts

Social media platforms and management tools allow you to track your strategy’s key performance metrics (KPIs). Any best social media marketing agency in India often assigns monetary value to organic social media engagement; this earned media value gives a very good overview of how much organic reach and social engagement would have cost if you run an ad campaign.

Building Brand Authenticity

Engaging on social media gives your brand the opportunity to build trust with potential customers, partners as well as employees. This holds especially true if your stakeholders and employees are promoting your brand or products/services to other people. People are more likely to trust advice or recommendations from family and friends than simply official brand channels.

Driving Thought Leadership

Social media is one of the best ways to learn about the problems and interests of your audience. In turn, being on social media gives your brand an opportunity to solve problems and drive thought leadership. Social media marketing in India includes creating how-to guides, webinars and other content to help and answer people’s queries. This has huge potential to lead people to trust your brand as their source for guidance.

Growing your audience

4.48 billion people were using social media in 2021. Social media platforms give you a window into the largest addressable market online and also shows what actual people like or talk about. Once marketers understand how to solve the market’s problems with thought leadership content, you will have an audience who truly believes in your brand and its products and services.

Generating Unique Content at Scale

Social media communities are a great source of original and thoughtful content. Employee-generated content (EGC) and user-generated content (UGC) can speak about a brand in authentic ways and also keep the content publishing pipeline filled with lots of fresh options.

Staying Top of Mind with Key People

Attracting the attention of top stakeholders and decision makers depends a lot on how much your brand has spread thought leadership. And social media platforms are the best channels to spread discussions about your innovation. Leverage e-books, webinars, podcasts, one-pagers, podcasts and other content types to solve problems and answer queries of people. To connect and engage with future customers, you have to be where they are, and that’s massively on social media.

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