3 Golden Rules of SEO Content Writing

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Your brand and business survives for the people and well-structured SEO content is the way to appeal them. If you’re aiming to improve your brand’s content marketing and see real ROI, you have to implement a methodical SEO strategy to really reap benefits.

Great content remained the core of all successful digital marketing campaigns and all of them accomplish two goals – solve a particular problem and appeal to the end user. Creating SEO content will never run out of trend and it’s only in your best interest to handover the tasks to an SEO service provider company, if you do not have the expertise. The top 10 SEO companies across India are well-equipped with the latest methodologies and approaches, thus helping your website rank higher on search engines. They swear by these three golden rules to boost their SEO campaigns.

Make a Catchy Headline

You have spent hours of research and days of writing to craft the perfect blog, but no one reads it. Your headline is to be blamed!

Headlines are the doors to content and a good one connects with the audience instantly. Your headlines should be clear, interesting, align with user interest and make use of rich keywords. However, churning out awesome headlines needs the attention of expert SEO services. Professional SEO content creators are skilled to use various tools and techniques to create headlines that rank higher on search engines, making your website more visible to the audience.

Moreover, taking the aide of a leading SEO firm and content creators not just helps in creating great headlines but also ensure your meta descriptions are interesting and further elaborate on the topic of your article. An efficient SEO service provider company knows the ins-and-outs of market trends and understands the importance of attracting the audience’s attention to your brand amidst the vast sea of online businesses. As such, they focus on creating content, monitoring social signals and consumer reactions and tracking analysis to optimize your brand as per Google SEO or other search engines’ SEO.

In the noisy world of the internet, catchy headlines are the most viable way of making readers click on your content. So give them your attention and invest the needed resources to boost your brand and business’ growth.

Use Keyword-Rich Phrases

The online audience often likes to land directly in the pages of the products or services they are looking for. And your curated content won’t reach the right audience if not optimized with targeted keywords. As such, using keyword rich phrases in your headlines as well as the content body will give clarity to both readers and search engines regarding what it is about.

Framing a set of separate keywords for different content requires a lot of expertise. Using too many keywords turns off your readers and can also result in search engine penalties for keyword stuffing. Professional SEO services can aide you with a well-structured SEO strategy that will guide you not just regarding use of keywords thoughtfully and sparingly, but also enable you to take advantage of blog tags by tagging a few relevant keywords for each post. The top 10 SEO firms of any country maximises your content’s potential by including and targeting secondary search terms (long tail keywords) so that the content amplifies its ability to attract more organic traffic. They do an in-depth study of your audience segments, the kind of information they need, why they need that information and which keywords they’re using to find it before proceeding to create content for any business. This helps to consistently not just deliver trending products or services but also strengthens the position and identity of a brand in the market.

User Friendly Readability

One of the most important areas Google looks into while ranking pages is readability as it has a direct impact on user engagement. Earlier, expert SEO services recognized reading level as a mid-tier ranking signal for page-level keyword-agnostic features. But in the last couple of years, the core Google SEO algorithm has changed and user experience is playing a much significant role in ranking websites higher on search engines.

Professional SEO services enhance your customers’ experience on your website by formatting content for skim reader, using short sentences, breaking long paragraphs, highlighting interesting bits of your content, using effective headlines and sub-heads and implementing transition words to give better direction to your readers. Moreover, the assistance of a leading SEO firm in creating your content will ensure you clean out spelling and grammatical errors. They design your content in such a way that when people click your link, they are glued to your page making them want to stay and read it.

The backbone of readable content is crafting the information in an understandable way; they should be simple, clear, organized and logical. The top 10 SEO companies in any country focus on dwell time to enhance your brand’s visibility and traffic; dwell time refers to time that passes between the point when audience clicks on a search result and the point when they return to the results pages. There are ample affordable SEO services out there; so jump on the SEO wagon without any delay as it will only contribute towards better search engine rankings and increased brand growth.

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