3 Metrics Every Leading Social Media Marketing Agency in India Uses

social media marketing agency in India

The impressive rise of social media marketing in India isn’t accidental. Top brands know the power that social media holds. They know that billions spend hours on these platforms. Brand leaders use their social media presence to publish content that their target audiences deem “valuable.”

But, merely posting lots of content on Instagram or Facebook won’t guarantee your brand’s social media marketing success. Every leading social media marketing agency in India uses specific “KPIs” or key performance indicators to understand their content’s value.

Understanding what type of content is driving the most engagement is key to running successful social media campaigns. Small but emerging startups in New Delhi, Gurgaon, or Noida can’t afford to produce tons of high-quality content.

Not all social media content these companies produce will drive engagement. They need to set realistic expectations for the digital content they produce. That means setting “engagement goals” or targeting specific conversion rates for each social media post.

Do these technical terms seem confusing? Don’t worry. Here’s a guide on three crucial technical KPIs every leading social media marketing agency in India uses –

Conversion Rate

Conversion rates of social media posts represent their ability to directly impact your overall marketing goals.

  • Let’s say you tell your users to take a specific step (e.g., visit your company website) in your latest post.
  • Calculate the number of users who performed the step you wanted. Then, divide this figure by the total number of users who saw the post.
  • If ten people see your post and two visit your website, that post’s conversion rate is 20%.

For a social media marketing agency in India, “conversion” can mean many different things. For example, an agency’s Facebook Ad campaigns can be optimized for different types of “conversion events.” Here are some examples of conversion events –

  • The user sees the Facebook ad and completes a registration form attached to the ad.
  • The user shares payment info with the company
  • Users contact the company after seeing the ad
  • The user initiates a ‘checkout’ at your business location
  • Users schedule appointments using the information in the ads
  • Users subscribe to the company’s mailing lists

A “conversion event” can even be something as simple as people viewing the content shared by the marketing agency. Irrespective of what you consider to be a successful conversion, you must use this metric to –

  • Understand how relevant or valuable your social media ads are to your target audiences.
  • Understand whether your ad’s creatives and CTAs are encouraging users to take specific actions.
  • Determining how profitable your social media marketing strategy is.

Conversion rate is a metric that reflects how successful your social media marketing efforts are overall.

Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC)

Every business involved in social media marketing in India must use this metric to track the cost-effectiveness of their campaigns. The CAC metric help marketers realize the cost of converting each social media user into a customer. Calculating CAC is simple –

  • Assess the number of customers you have before launching a social media marketing campaign.
  • At the end of the campaign, collect the total number of new customers you’ve acquired.
  • Now, use this figure to divide the sum of all of your social media marketing investments.

The resulting figure is your CAC rate. That’s how much money your brand is spending on social media marketing to acquire one customer.

Engagement Rate

Knowing how many people have actually engaged with your social media content is very important. What’s the point of posting content if no one is positively engaging with your posts? Different social media platforms offer different metrics to gauge the engagement rate of each post.

  • Facebook: post reactions, shares, and comments
  • Instagram: likes, comments, saves, and views
  • Twitter: Retweets, likes, and replies
  • LinkedIn: Shares, comments, and link clicks

Top social media marketers constantly track these metrics for engagement with the aim to improve them every month. Overall, these three metrics help social media marketers set clear objectives. These metrics keep their social media marketing campaigns on track.

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