4 Essential SEO Services for Real Estate Agencies

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In today’s digital age, everything happens on or through the Internet – even house hunting and buying. Most modern-day homebuyers use the Internet to check out new property listings. Real estate agencies must optimize their services for these new-age homebuyers.

Having a strong real estate SEO strategy can be highly beneficial for firms that operate in high-demand areas. For example, the demand for new homes in cities in the National Capital Region (NCR) like Delhi, Gurugram, and Noida is super-high.

A local real estate agency that has a strong SEO strategy will attract most aspiring home buyers in this region. Why? Because such a firm will have an expert real estate SEO consultant in Delhi on its team.

This expert will ensure that homebuyers in this region are directed to the firm’s website whenever they look-up properties on sale. Here are four vital SEO services for real estate agencies that help firms generate leads and sales -

1. Keyword Research

A top real estate digital marketing agency will assess what topics their clients would like their website to rank for. For instance, let’s say your real estate agency sells family homes. Then, you’d ideally like your website to rank for Google searches like “family homes in Delhi” or “buy family homes.”

These examples are generalized. Real estate SEO experts conduct way more in-depth keyword research. They use tools like Google Keyword Planner to determine how often certain keywords are used by their target audiences. They ask the real estate agencies they work for to include these relevant keywords in their websites, social media profiles, etc.

2. Address Client Queries

Websites that have good content attract way more web traffic and leads than websites that don’t. A top real estate SEO expert in Noida will help agencies create content that addresses the needs/queries of local customers.

The more relevant and useful content the real estate website has, the higher the chances of it ranking on Google. High-quality content also increases a real estate agency’s credibility on the Internet. SEO experts help agencies provide their target customers with relevant solutions and expertise.

3. Website Optimization

Merely discovering what keywords will help your website rank higher isn’t enough. You must strategically incorporate these keywords throughout your real estate agency’s website. A top real estate SEO company in India will typically hire web design experts.

These professionals (along with the SEO experts) know how and where they need to add certain keywords to websites. They help create websites that are easily discoverable on search engines for potential clients.

4. Local SEO

Location is a key factor in selling real estate. A real estate SEO company in Gurgaon, Delhi/NCR, will know exactly how local homebuyers operate on the Internet. They optimize their client’s online presence to attract these local shoppers. Here are some steps these real estate SEO experts take –

  • Perform local SEO keyword research. What are the local home-shoppers in the NCR searching? Local SEO experts know their online behaviours, needs, and demands.
  • Create keyword-optimized Google Business Profiles for their clients. A well-designed GMB profile will significantly increase a real estate agency’s online visibility.
  • Create social media profiles; join internet communities where local homebuyers post their queries and needs.
  • Consistently publish SEO-optimized content on the real estate agency’s website, social media profiles, and Google accounts.
  • Ask past customers of the real estate agency to share positive reviews on online directories like Zillow, Google, Yelp, etc. When the agency’s target customers see these reviews, they think of the agency in a positive light.

These four simple SEO services for real estate agencies can transform their fortunes. A real estate agency with no strong SEO strategy will fail to attract new homebuyers in this digital era. That’s why real estate agencies must team up with top SEO experts who have knowledge of their local markets.

In Delhi, Noida, and Gurgaon, NCSofttech helps several local real estate agencies achieve their digital goals. From acquiring new customers to brand-building plans – these real estate SEO experts in NCR provide various useful services.

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