4 Small and Impactful Steps to Build Personal Brands

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Personal branding is a very challenging job, if you don’t hire a branding expert or don’t have the leeway of an entrepreneur or an executive. But that shouldn’t stop you from building a popular personal brand. Even without the help of branding experts, you can grow a powerful personal brand inside and out of your company with a little but the right efforts.

Here are four branding specialists approved steps for entrepreneurs and leaders to grow their personal brands.

Step 1: Empower Others to Succeed

Every best leader makes other people successful. Even every personal branding agency in India swears by it. The best managers’ number one measure of success is the number of people promoted off their teams annually. They allow their reps to climb the ladders of success in life and go on to have remarkable careers. While this is not the easiest route, a personal brand is based on the people a leader develops. Even if you hire a branding expert, he/she will base it on the impact you have on others. Every experienced and efficient brand consultant in India lives by the motto of serving and making people successful to boost a personal brand’s growth.

Step 2: Distill What You Do Brilliantly

It takes self-awareness to grow your personal brand. A brand leader knows what he does brilliantly, and he/she has honed that reputation amongst his colleagues and customers.

According to branding specialists, self-awareness is an essential ingredient for success. You can’t be all things to all people, and you can’t help in all areas. The clearer you are on how you make others successful, the more opportunities you will have to use those talents.

Step 3: Share Your Wisdom

There is a critical inflection point in personal branding where you transition from being present in your job to documenting and sharing your wisdom. Branding experts suggest leaders to grow their personal brands by writing it down. A personal brand cannot grow if it’s limited to direct personal interactions. Writing is the best way to share wisdom even when the leader is not physically present.

A successful brand consultant in India follows the routine of assisting clients with documenting and sharing their best ideas with teams. It can be as simple as a weekly email with motivational tips and tricks. The act of writing will organize thoughts, and help leaders distill what they do brilliantly. More importantly, it is another opportunity to empower others to be successful.

Step 4: Amplify Your Content

The fourth pillar of building a powerful personal brand is amplifying your content. Brand leaders need to reach more people than their teammates, direct reports, and customers. As a leader you have something that every author would kill for: a captive audience. If you hire a branding expert, they help you create the structure of making your content reach the masses. The first group to share your content with is your teammates and direct reports. This is a well-defined group that you can help become more successful. It’s also an ideal group to test your ideas, find your voice, and prove you’ve got a worthwhile message to share.

The expertise you develop in your job has value, and there’s a whole world of professionals that can learn from you. The public recognition and validation of your work is intoxicating. It’s exhilarating to see others use your ideas. This will fuel you to go even further, and lead you to other forms of social media, publishing, and sharing. There’s never been a better time to grow your personal brand. Anyone can create one. The first step is yours.

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