5 Elements of an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

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Executing a large-scale digital marketing strategy is not an easy task; it’s a complex undertaking. One tiny misstep and your entire campaign is careening off track. There is an increasing amount of noise, choice and space available in digital marketing which makes it difficult for marketers and businesses to figure out where and how to focus their budget and energy.

However, if you blend together the perfect mix of digital marketing solutions, including PPC (pay per click) advertising and other Google ads campaign types, success flows like the magical elixir of a Disney fairy tale. The key mantra is to ideate a customer-focused digital marketing strategy that catches the attention of consumers. Here we present five digital strategies, including various types of Google ads campaign that will help you cut through the crowd and deliver success.

Responsive Website with Engaging Content

Your website is the foundational component of your marketing strategy as it is the very first place where prospective customers will go to learn more about your business. To gain maximum engagement, the website should follow user-friendly practices like being responsive, mobile friendly and easy to navigate with clear calls-to-action.

Additionally, every best digital marketing agency or Google ads agency suggests having blogs on websites where engaging, relevant and educational content are shared on a daily basis. This will not only bring in more website traffic and convert leads into customers but also position your brand as an industry leader by improving search engine optimization. In fact, according to a study by HubSpot, it is claimed that businesses with blogs generate 55% more website visitors than businesses without one.

A Solid SEO Strategy

Search engine optimization is the way of optimizing your website with targeted keywords so both your site and web pages rank higher on search engines. Though advertising is important for all businesses, every Google ads expert believes a well optimized website improves visibility and increases the likelihood that a prospective customer will engage with your brand.

Besides being more likely to get placed among the top results of search engines, an SEO strategy that follows best practices also boosts overall brand awareness for your business, positions your brand as a leading authority in your industry and generates more quality leads.

Digital Advertising Campaigns

Digital advertising incorporates leveraging various digital channels like emails, search engine and social media to deliver relevant and valuable content to a highly targeted audience. As compared to traditional advertising, it is a far more cost-effective alternative and it uses consumer data to track your audience in real time, allowing you to learn more about its demographics, interests and habits. Pay per click, social media, display and retargeting ads are the four main types of digital advertising. A ppc specialist or any ads expert uses digital marketing to build brand awareness, generate high-quality leads and drive product sales, even with a more limited budget.

Social Media Marketing

We all know the massive impact of social media on brands. As consumers are constantly seeking for engaging content and continue to seek out new information 24*7, social media platforms serve as valuable tools to establish two-way communication. Through these platforms, brands can build valuable two-way engagement with followers, share timely company news, and promote products and services and ultimately influence consumers’ purchasing decisions.

Any best digital marketing agency or Google ads agency relies on social media marketing for a wide variety of benefits. From building greater brand awareness to boosting businesses’ visibility and driving more traffic back to your website, SMM plays a significant role in the success of a brand’s digital marketing strategy. To reap maximum benefits, ensure your strategy incorporates the best social media practices like posting at the optimal times for maximum engagement, choosing the appropriate social media channels for your audience, following a consistent posting frequency and continually adapting your strategy based on performance over time.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective tactics in the digital space. Once you have in hand a list of email subscribers, you can regularly engage with them by sharing content about company news, telling the story behind your brand, or promoting products and services in order to promote your business and increase sales. The most important benefit of email marketing is that the email subscribers are already engaging with your brand thus making them more likely to convert into customers.

Besides PPC (pay per click) advertising and social media marketing, email marketing is one of the most efficient ways to generate return on investment. Every Google ads expert suggests using email marketing tools to easily build or customize email templates and set up recurring marketing tasks, such as scheduling email campaigns, scoring leads and tracking the performance of each email campaign.

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