5 Personal Branding Tips To Build An Outstanding Online Presence

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Since childhood, we all have been taught that a professional attitude, a firm handshake and sound credentials are the makings of a good impression. But today, that’s not enough!

The advent of internet with blogs, social media platforms, websites have enabled anyone and everyone to brand themselves. They can connect with anyone around the world and convert them into clients, colleagues and friends. But what matters the most is making an impression that will last forever in the internet space.

If you don’t focus on your branding strategy, someone else will, and the narration might not be in your favor. A capable digital branding agency in India also helps you brand yourself in your market, thus opening doors for you and creating lasting impression on potential and existing clients.

The power of personal branding is immense and here we give you a few smart tips to build your brand.

Pick a Channel

To reap maximum success out of your personal branding strategy, you must choose a dedicated channel to make your mark. If you try establishing your brand name on all platforms right away, you will probably not get desired results from any one of them.

All the big names in the digital industry have one particular channel they attribute their success to. Deliberately or coincidentally, influential people always discover a medium for their message that has insanely high engagement.

With Covid-19 restrictions, even political parties and candidates have turned to seek advice from the best branding companies in India. In 2021, we saw the role of digital platforms acquiring greater salience in the Assembly elections held in Assam, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Puducherry. In the 2020 Bihar Assembly election, the Bharatiya Janata Party utilised the massive online infrastructure to create one lakh WhatsApp group to push its content which subsequently influenced the narrative of its offline campaign.

Get the Message Across Using a Fun Gimmick

Just a message and its purpose isn’t enough to launch and engage a legitimate personal brand; you have to sell something fun and intriguing to bring your message to life. Your fun gimmick should be so real to your audience that every time they see it or something related to your gimmick, they should think of you instantly.

While these efforts will surely require you to get your creative juices flowing, but if you can come up with something memorable, your audience will never forget you. It is also well worth the shot to invest in any best personal branding agency in India because your brand name is the most valuable asset you have.

Embrace Networking

While you curate and cultivate an efficient personal branding strategy, it is equally important to network constantly and effectively to grow your professional circle and your brand. Connect consistently with peers and industry thought-leaders through formal and informal networking events. These social engagements and the values you provide during these interactions are more likely to boost your personal brand’s recognition. After all, almost 85% jobs are filled through networking, so regularly connecting with people will not only build your brand, but also potentially advance your career.

Map Out Your Value Proposition

When you develop your value proposition, you need to consider a lot of factors, including, the market, your competitors and your audience. Once you know your area of specialization, you need to engage in detailed market research to understand things like market size, share, value, business drivers, geographies trends, forecasts and customers.

Just as it’s important to understand and define your market, you also need to know everything you can about your competitors. You should do an in-depth study about their companies, individuals within them, and also the influential people within your industry, including thought leaders and bloggers. At last but not the least, you must define your audience. Your niche will dictate who they are; but you should build the audience persona so you know how to communicate with them.

Hiring a digital branding agency in India gets you all these services from one place, so in case, you’re not sure about mapping out your plan right, it’s best to take advice from any best branding agency in India.

Build Your Brand Strategy

When developing your personal branding strategy, your ultimate goal should be to create and increase visibility and awareness. You should focus on the promotion of your brand and launching a website is at the heart of your strategy. Your website will showcase your brand identity, your story and content, so keep it well-structured with compelling messages and content.

Further, draw your audience to your website via social media. Study the social media platforms and determine where you’re most likely to find your audience. Whichever platforms you choose to post, be consistent and use the same username across all of them. The best branding companies in India curate strategies that are well tailored to your goals and objectives, so go for their expert services if your brand needs them.

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