5 Proven SEO Tips for Driving Traffic

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Ask any marketer what they love the most and they will say “more leads”. And “more traffic” is the second most loved thing on every marketer’s wish list. Search engine optimization is the process of getting traffic on your site from the organic, free, natural or editorial listings on search engines. Nine times out of ten, your potential leads come to search engines when making any purchasing decisions. Even if all of your new customers come from word of mouth and referrals, those people will seek you out online. And so that your target audience finds you easily online, Google SEO needs to be fully utilized. Here we present five solid and proven tips to boost your site traffic.

Publish Authoritative and Relevant Content

The number one driver of your SEO rankings is quality and authoritative content. There is no substitute for good content, especially if you’re doing SEO marketing. Any leading SEO firm uses relevant and credible content specifically for targeted audiences to increase site traffic. This in turn improves your site’s authority and credibility. To optimize Google SEO fully, identify and target specific keyword phrases for each page of content on your website. Any leading SEO company in India follows the practice of making separate web pages for each targeted keyword phrase so the sites can rank for multiple keyword phrases.

Go beyond page URL, headings and title as content is most influential beyond these as well on search engines. Repeat your keyword phrases in a proper interval throughout the page. And most importantly, link your content strategically to relevant sources and additional information as well as to other websites that are useful. Any efficient SEO expert near me or you suggests using bold, italics and other emphasis tags to highlight keyword phrases. But remember not to over do so your writing style and language read naturally. Though optimization is essential, one should never sacrifice good content for SEO.

Regular Updates of Content

Search engines feel very strongly about content. They view regular updates of content as one of the best indicators of relevancy of a site, so make sure to keep it fresh and crisp. Any SEO expert near me or you audits content on a set schedule and makes updates consistently to boost traffic to websites. Creating content that is rich with keyword phrases on blogs massively boost search engine rankings. A site’s blog posts can also be in the form of shorter updates about the specific topics you are targeting. To give readers additional information, interlink your web pages and blog posts. Doing this will also boost your page’s rankings.


Each page on your website contains a space between tags to insert metadata or information in short about the contents of your page. It is essential to monitor and update metadata as your site gradually changes over time. Title metadata is the most important metadata on a page as it is in charge of page titles displayed as the headline within search engine results or at the top of a browser window. Description metadata refers to the textual description a browser uses in a page search return. A good meta description usually contains two full sentences with the goal of encouraging people to click on the website. Lastly keyword metadata is rarely used to tabulate search engine rankings. However, if you already know your keyword phrases, there is no harm in adding them to your keyword metadata.

Maintain a Link Worthy Site

A web page flaunting rich, credible and unbiased content helping visitors learn more about what they are interested in has high chances of attracting links from other websites. This has a positive impact on your search engine optimization. You can also improve your website’s relevance and credibility by adding links within the text. Any leading SEO company in India suggests writing out the name of the destination rather than having “click here” links. A simple “click here” has no search engine value beyond the attached URL; however, mentioning “Digital Marketing Course” is rich with keywords that will ultimately improve your search rankings as well as page rankings. Using descriptive links not just boosts SEO, but also adds values to the knowledge the readers gather.

Use Alt Tags

This is a very essential step to enhance traffic to your site. Make it a practice to describe your site’s images and videos using alternative text descriptions. Doing this enables search engines to locate your page which is crucial, especially for those audiences who use text-only browsers or screen readers.

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