5 Tricks to Implement Successful Political Social Media Campaigns

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Political social media campaigns, if performed professionally, creating an emotional, psychological trend, have the power to swing votes in favour of a specific party or candidate. Marketing on social platforms has significant contribution towards helping a party or candidate to get a wider audience reach.

To impact the masses with a powerful social media campaign, our team of experts have ground access to enormous media networks across states like Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu and many more.

Here we present 5 efficient marketing tips to crack a successful social media campaign.

Diversify Your Content Strategy: Content is king in digital marketing for political campaigns and is a growing area of political marketing. Jazz up your social media content for the upcoming election with good imagery, informative videos and interesting podcasts as the audience responds to such media types more.

A well ideated content calendar is the backbone of social media marketing’s success and creating a content theme also provides your audience and voters with a unified experience. Using social media content calendar tools to organize and publish all your election related content timely and efficiently ensures effective social media campaigns. Further, preparing a list of #hashtags for different social media platforms ensures greater reach of the masses.

Ideate An Efficient Marketing Strategy: It is important to build a winning strategy of digital marketing for political campaigns to reap the true success of social media marketing. One of the most important steps in digital marketing for politicians is penning down a well-planned strategy that will turn political parties and candidates’ vision into reality.

Content marketing allows political campaigns to give audiences useful information and also allow parties and candidates to engage with voters and non-voters alike. Implementing efficient content marketing strategies lets your campaign share valuable information connect with voters and share your mission and vision. Factual and relevant content builds trust with readers, which subsequently reflects well on the candidate.

Build a Community For Your Audience: Enhance the power of digital marketing in politics by creating your social media family of your audience. It is essential a political party or candidate’s followers to believe that they are not just metrics of success, but a united community striving for a common cause.

Integrating personality through humour and emotions is one of the most rewarding practices of digital marketing for politicians as it makes the audience instantly connect with the political campaign’s mission. Asking questions, taking in followers’ opinions, liking, sharing and retweeting others posts and sharing newsworthy information are a few practices towards effective social media campaigns.

Merge Platform-Specific Strategy With Paid Media: With the evolution of social media, two key things are established. Firstly, it’s of utmost importance to tailor your posts to specific platforms rather than posting the same content everywhere. Secondly, for a successful political campaign that consistently reaches large audiences, there has to be investment in paid distribution.

During the 2019 Lok Sabha Election, the Bharatiya Janata Party had emerged the single largest spender on political ads on Google, social media giant Facebook and other digital platforms, spending as much as Rs. 20 cr. Further, just three days prior to the start of the general election, the political party’s YouTube channel uploaded a video showing youngsters singing a rap song on why Modi deserves the vote of India’s youth. This clever marketing tactic spoke to the target audience in their own language. Well-planned and personalized content, including short videos, memes and GIFs are highly effective in engaging voters across digital and social media platforms during the elections.

Set Campaign’s Goals and Timelines: Like any other marketing channel, a political party or candidate needs to have goals, KPIs and timelines to record the success rate of digital marketing in politics and move on to the next stages of the campaign. Before making the campaign live, it’s important to be crystal clear about the campaign’s objective, its ability to be measured and the timeframe by which it should be achieved.

Having measurable goals specified in marketing plans enables you to track your progress, identify areas for strategy optimization and also note achievements.

Digital marketing for political campaigns is the need of the hour. NCSofttech is a leading company in digital marketing for politicians, where our dedicated team creates an online presence for a political party or candidate, with a focus on target audience to gain attention of the potential voters.

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