7 Mobile Marketing Trends Experts Are Keeping an Eye Out for in 2022

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The mobile industry is ever-changing, fast-paced and unpredictable. This is especially true since the pandemic; covid 19 has greatly influenced mobile marketing and its consequences are here to remain. Mobile marketing trends are not just about human tech advancements anymore. We must also take into consideration how the new circumstances or ‘the new normal’ have shaped the smartphone world. The rise of digitization we saw during the pandemic was a powerful push the mobile industry needed to expand in the years to come. Hence it is important for marketers to know where to find the right customers and approach them with the right strategy.

To help you with that, we present a list of mobile marketing trends you should look out for in 2022.

Links for Shopping

Though not new, mobile commerce, mostly e-commerce, is seeing a boom, especially since the pandemic. With the rise of this trend, online social platforms are implementing shoppable links on accounts, and likewise, influencers and brands are capitalizing on this to meet potential customers at the right place. Any successful digital marketing agency in India suggests giving mobile commerce higher priority while building a marketing strategy to enhance a business’ growth.

Increased Use of in-Store App

Today, smartphones are used very frequently for shopping and return in stores. The app economy is maturing rapidly in India as well; though many consumers still love the in-store experience, most prefer to shop m ore conveniently online. And this trend is more likely to continue with gift card redemption, returns and many more using mobile devices while in store.

Real-Time Engagement

Real-time engagement technology adoption like live stream and two-way live skyrocketed during COVID. And today, it is a channel that many have integrated into their lives as a way of interacting with both service and e-commerce brands from the convenience of their homes. Hence it is of utmost importance to engage in such activities and build a connection with your audience. A methodical digital marketing agency in India would suggest connecting with your audience and listening to them to generate profitable leads.


Tiktok will continue dominating 2022; it is not just one of the fastest-growing and most downloaded apps, but also one of the highest-ranked platforms in terms of consumer spending. Though banned in India, TikTok will heavily influence the landscape of global mobile marketing. Brands looking to engage customers via smartphones should focus heavily on TikTok.

Augmented Reality Shopping

Augmented reality shopping has become popular in 2021. If someone is shopping for a product for their home, many e-commerce websites now let the customer view the product in his/her home. Letting consumers visualize how the product will actually look in their homes can be a game changer for a brand. It’s a very effective method of not just attracting new customers but also retaining the older ones.

Native Advertising

Native advertising is one mobile marketing trend we can expect to dominate 2022. It refers to a type of sponsored content where marketers can post ads without disrupting the user experience. Native advertising integrates ads into the content of the website, app, website or any other digital platform that the ad is on, and any best digital marketing company in India swears by to look out for this trend.

Mobile Streaming

Streaming is no longer reserved only for the big screens. Name any streaming platform and you can watch them all on mobile. Additionally, the streaming services are also seeing a boom since the pandemic because they are here to deliver exactly when the users are seeking on-demand entertainment. And people are choosing to stream on their mobile phones even though they are spending more time than ever at home. So it’s only of benefit to focus on delivering user-generated, short-form video content.

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