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Personal branding is essential; a strong personal brand is integral to the image and success of both a leader and his/her company. Brand leaders need to be conscious of the values and representations of themselves that they project to others as this usually reflects on their business’s success and growth. Mastering the skills of a leader and showing them to the world is no cakewalk; so here we present a few trends that will keep you ahead of the curve in 2022.

Leveraging Personal Content

Show your face to the world. Social media marketing gives brand and business owners a free platform to build trust and differentiate their products or services by showing up. When you leverage selfies, videos and images of yourself with relatable context, it sets you apart from the rest. Any efficient personal brand agency does this regularly and consistently to define a clearer brand identity for their clients.

Shifting Towards Minimalism

The new branding trend for 2022 is the ‘less is more’ mantra. Brands are using a basic set of shapes, empty spaces, simple text and limited colour palettes to move towards minimalism and create a simple aesthetic. Minimal aesthetic focuses mainly on your product and hence, is a great way to make your products speak for themselves.

Building Virtual Relationships

Social media platforms and web technologies enable us to communicate and build real relationships with people worldwide whom we’ve never met. These relationships are very much like in-person relationships where you build trust, recognize mutual interests and form bonds without ever coming face-to-face in real life. Any successful personal brand expert suggests strengthening your virtual relationships. This is important especially since the pandemic when virtual connections were pushed to a new level. To build a strong personal brand, it is essential to establish and maintain relationships virtually across multiple platforms.

Dextering Digital Skills

The digital world is moving forward at an unbelievable pace; from AI and robotics to AR-VR and data analytics, technology has become a part of everyone’s job. With this trend, brand owners also need to proactively digitally enable their tasks so they are free for the more human parts of work. They can devote their time to build relationships and create strategic plans they help in delivering value as well as standing out. Any personal branding agency in India master’s tech so they are able to communicate effectively in the hybrid world of work.

Honing Soft Skills

Soft skills have taken a centre stage in this fast moving world. In a world where tech has taken a prominent place in the world; humanity has become even more important. After all, humanity and all its qualities is the most valuable thing you can offer that technever can. The workforce is in deficit of humanity. Continue focusing on building hard skills but be deliberate about insight and empathy that counteract the daily digital deluge.

Engaging in Deeper and Longer Conversations

In late 2019 when Clubhouse was launched, early adopters spent hours and days on the platform. Even though the demand of the platform plummeted very quickly, Clubhouse addressed a big gap in the market - the lack of a place for longer conversations on the internet. And audio is unarguably the best medium for it. Leading social media platforms like Facebook is launching audio rooms, Twitter is introducing spaces and podcast listeners are on a rise like never before. Even though we hear that attention span is getting shorter, yet platforms offering spaces for bigger conversations are gaining more popularity than ever. Personal branding consultant in Delhi, Mumbai, India suggests creating meaningful spaces for deeper conversations with your audience.

Changing ‘Inspirational’ to ‘Relatable’

The pendulum of content is swinging away from the perfectly polished inspirational text and images, and towards solving problems with real-life solutions. Being a leader doesn't mean having it all sorted and showing your picture-perfect life. The world is changing fast and people are facing new challenges every day. As such, an efficient personal brand expert suggests asking the right questions or opening up about challenges you and your brand currently face. Giving your audience a glimpse behind the scenes of your results or engaging in open discussions with your community will boost your brand credibility.

Taking Entertainment Seriously

According to the golden marketing rule, a solid content strategy balances educational content with entertainment and inspiration. Any successful personal brand agency would go as far as establishing proportions of all three of these elements. Entertainment is the need of the hour and all social platforms are embracing a paradigm shift where users are asking for more entertaining video content.

Giving Video Closeup

Video is dominating all platforms; they have become the primary medium of communication. 2022 is the year of videos; it is your personal brand’s most powerful tool. Hone your video shooting and editing skills to deliver a richer and more compelling presence on digital media.

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