Can Businesses Grow and Survive without SEO

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A well-planned and executed SEO campaign can be your key to success in business. If you think your business can grow and survive without SEO and that SEO has gone outdated now, this blog is a must-read for you. “Sans effective SEO, chances of losing potential customers are quite high. Why? It is mainly because of your competitors who are focusing on promoting their businesses rigorously through SEO,” says Naresh Chauhan – digital marketing and SEO expert, trainer, and marketer at NCSofttech.

For those who believe they aren’t losing anything without SEO, the subsequent section is worth reading.

Where Will Your Customers Find You?

As competition is stiffer than ever both online and offline, the biggest challenge for a business is to be found in the first place. “Let me tell you that a vast majority of customers (roughly 80%) prefer to look online before they buy anything. And this includes the customers who shop online as well as offline. They search online for comparing similar products and services from different providers in terms of their features, price, quality, and other attributes. As modern customers are highly internet savvy and they are almost always connected to the internet through their mobile devices, it becomes important for businesses to be visible online when their potential customers look for them,” adds Naresh Chauhan.

“See if you cannot be found online today, a lot of customers will believe you do not exist at all,” comments Naresh Chauhan. With so many customers looking for you online, it becomes important to consider SEO as an important part of your marketing plan.

Furthermore, it is a massive challenge for businesses to be found on the first few pages of search engines such as Google. Imagine if your business appears on the 10th page of Google, it is immensely difficult to be found mainly because customers do not have the time and patience to browse all the pages and find you. “Being found on the first few pages of the search engine is a challenge but an effective SEO campaign makes it possible,” he adds.

If you have a business website, remember that a large number of customers will check your online website but when it comes to making a purchase, they may walk up to your offline store or office to make the actual purchase. In other words, SEO helps you generate quality leads that are quite easy to convert because the customers who have already checked your offerings online and are now visiting your store will most likely close the deal/ make a purchase.

There are countless benefits of SEO for a business today. But a bad SEO plan may have a completely different and negative impact on it. Do you think there is no way to fix a messy SEO campaign? Let me tell you that there is always a possibility to improve and change your SEO plan depending on your business needs, competition, and other factors.

If you have an in-house team of SEO experts, may be it is time to provide them with professional and advanced SEO training. Know where your SEO plan works or fails and fix it with the experts. Keep a close watch on your team’s performance. Study your website’s bounce rate, impressions, clicks or CTR, and other metrics. See where your visitors are dropping and analyze the reason behind your customers’ peculiar behavior. And if you find all this too complex and time-consuming, it is better you go for professional help. A professional SEO agency will help you beat your competition by being easily searchable and visible online.

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