Digital Media Is Altering the World of Real Estate Marketing

Real estate marketing is a highly competitive space, and advertising was and still is one of the most powerful marketing tools for every developer. And today, with all the buzz around Indian real estate going digital, almost half of the sales are derived from digital avenues. Digital marketing is extremely critical and incredibly important to the growth of real estate developers. With an efficient real estate digital marketing strategy, estate owners and agents can expect to see a substantial amount of growth in their business.

The online share of boosting the real estate industry is only expected to increase, especially after the pandemic when the hype to ‘buy homes online’ is seeing a sudden increase in India. Moreover, more and more Indian homebuyers are shifting to the digital mode and conducting online research before purchasing homes. As such, implementing solid and well-strategised real estate campaigns is the utmost need of the hour to enhance the real estate industry’s business growth in India. Every developer in India cannot to ignore the power and potential of digital marketing for real estate. He/she must opt for digital adoption if he wants to achieve remarkable growth and success.

According to reports, real estate marketing companies use approximately 30% of the ad revenue on online marketing. The prime benefit of online advertisement is that it’s cheaper and its reach is deeper. One of the biggest reasons of the enhancement of online marketing is increased advertisement credibility under RERA. Previously, real estate marketing companies had few, if any, limitations on how they could advertise their projects. This resulted in an undecipherable mess of online real estate campaigns – endless duplication, often unrealistic and downright deceitful promises, and inaccurate information. But those days are over as under RERA, both offline and online real estate social media marketing can only have corrected, verifiable information about a project. This is a significant move towards progress and digitisation. Moreover, an online real estate digital marketing agency is now legally seen as ‘real estate agents’ as per the RERA policies. It’s mandatory now for any company or individual marketing a real estate project to obtain a RERA license, thus giving credibility and authenticity to both offline advertisements and an online real estate digital marketing strategy. As a result, real estate social media marketing is now becoming increasingly reliable and effective, especially when it is far more cost effective than offline marketing.

In short, the online world of the real estate industry is becoming more reliable with each passing day. The pandemic has only pushed more Indians to go digital than any other single event remembered in history. As such, every real estate digital marketing agency is playing a game changing role in this shift as they are equipped with the expertise to implement the most tech-savvy and trending marketing tools to reach the right target audience.

The rise of online real estate campaigns doesn’t imply it’s free from any issues that need resolution. The online advertisement space is still hugely cluttered as homebuyers can see the same property listed by different brokers that ultimately creates confusion. Real estate marketing companies, developers and brokers must put in rigorous efforts to create a more rational online representation of projects. These issues need to get addressed and resolved at the earliest because we have already embarked on a digital journey and there’s no looking back. When resolved, digital marketing will be the most powerful and effective tool in the hands of the real estate agency.

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