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Do you own an online store? Do you have a fabulous e-commerce website? Are you still struggling to generate sales and attract visitors to your e-commerce website? “Let me tell you what’s going wrong. I am sure you have invested enough time, money, and effort in getting the most engaging and enticing website. You focused on keeping the most attractive design elements. You hired the topmost e-commerce website developers to build a website that performs magically smooth and effortlessly fast,” as per NareshChauhan – e-commerce SEO expert, head of the digital marketing wing at NCSofttech – a leading ecommerce SEO company in India.

“But, did you pay attention to its marketing and promotion at all? Well, when we say marketing and promotion of websites and online businesses, it is all about doing all that can be done to make your website or web identity easily searchable and visible online when users look for products/ services similar to what’s available on your e-commerce website. This is when e-commerce SEO comes into the picture. Without SEO you should not expect visitors to your online store. Having a great e-commerce website without SEO is just like having the best showroom in the marketplace with no salesperson and nothing at the display when the visitors pass by,” he added.

There are some incredibly great benefits of having e-commerce SEO, which I will discuss shortly. But before that let’s quickly understand what ecommerce SEO is all about.

Ecommerce SEO at a Glance

The life, death, and success of e-commerce businesses depend entirely on their ability to lure new customers and retain old ones. There are countless ecommerce websites floating in cyberspace today and the number is increasing day by day. All of these want to gain maximum revenue for which organic traffic coming from search engines can be immensely helpful. This is why you need e-commerce SEO. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is all about helping businesses/ websites/ web identities attain higher search engine result page (SERP) rankings and sustain that ranking for longer periods of time. The ecommerce SEO company in India you hire for your website’s promotion can only help you with this.

E-commerce SEO is a crucial part of any online store’s promotion and marketing strategy. The benefits you get from ecommerce SEO may not appear immediately but you will see them in the form of improved branding, marketing, and increased traffic to your online store. Other great benefits of e-commerce SEO are discussed hereunder.

Benefits of E-commerce SEO for Your Business

1. Sustainable traffic: Other promotional methods such as paid search engine ads, PPC (pay per click), etc. can help you attract massive traffic i.e. more visitors to your website in a very short period of time. However, you need to spend a lot of money on paid methods to sustain this traffic. This can turn out to be a highly expensive option. If you want more traffic, you must pay the ad provider, and the day you stop paying, your paid marketing campaign will terminate and you’ll get no further traffic from it.

With e-commerce SEO, on the other hand, you get slow traffic initially. But within months, you can drive more people to your website and these visitors will not be there just temporarily. Instead, the results are long-lasting and the traffic is highly sustainable. So, you should expect the same level of success on SERPs and traffic to your website, thanks to e-commerce SEO.

2. Brand awareness: E-commerce SEO helps create brand awareness at a very low cost. Your website’s appearance on the initial search engine result pages is considered a strong indicator of credibility by most visitors. A lot of online shoppers even consider the top SEO ranking of websites equivalent to brand endorsement and prefer to buy only from online stores that have higher search engine rankings. Hence, e-commerce SEO can drastically improve your likelihood of attracting targeted visitors to your online store and generating sales.

3. Quality lead generation: Keyword research is extremely important. It is the heart of search engine optimization. Keyword research, typically, involves searching, analyzing, and shortlisting short as well as long tail keywords bearing in mind your website/ business/ targeted audiences. Once keywords have been researched well and you have the right strategy to target them, you should expect high volumes of targeted traffic to your website which would most probably make a purchase, and don’t just do window shopping. However, you must ensure to hire only the best ecommerce SEO agency in India to get the best results from your ecommerce SEO endeavors.

4. Lasting value: Compared to paid marketing, SEO turns out to be a wise investment that continues to deliver results in the long term. Its value doesn’t end as the campaign ends (as is the case with paid marketing). At the same time, however, please do not mistake SEO being a one-time job that you just do once. Instead, it is an ongoing activity that must be performed on a continuous basis to ensure your website stays on top of search engine result pages. Why? It is because there are numerous competitors out there waiting to overtake you and by stopping your website’s search engine optimization, you are leaving the race to let them excel and outdo you. To get the best, continuous results through e-commerce SEO, make sure you hire the best ecommerce SEO agency in India that understands your business and marketing goals and doesn’t just chase your wallet to extract money from you. No genuine company will promise immediate results and that can be a strong indicator to gauge the credibility of the SEO agency you choose for your website’s promotion.

5. Trust building: Online businesses are often seen struggling to build confidence and trust among customers. It is mainly due to their virtual presence as a lot of customers still trust the brick and mortar stores more than the online ones. The harsh truth is that you cannot generate sales or succeed in business unless your customers trust you. E-commerce search engine optimization can help you in this. How? Google provides higher rankings to websites it finds trustworthy, which adds to the credibility of your business among searchers.

“Online shoppers tend to trust the websites that are ranked higher across search engine result pages. Ecommerce SEO is, therefore, absolutely necessary if you want your online store to become a trusted name among buyers,” as per Naresh.

6. Maintaining the marketing funnel: The marketing funnel involves 4 important steps viz.:





The funnel relies heavily on the uninterrupted stream of new customers. E-commerce SEO can help you drive low-cost top-of-the-funnel traffic right at the first stage of the funnel i.e. awareness. However, SEO plays a massive role in other stages of the funnel as well. The interesting part can be discovered through their keyword search in Google/ search engine, whereas action is clear when the customer makes a purchase. You can boost your chances of achieving maximum conversion (from interest to action) by intelligently targeting the intent of the customer at the right points.

There are many more benefits of e-commerce SEO such as improved customer experience, greater brand visibility, and minimized paid search costs among others that you can uncover. All you need to do is choose the right ecommerce SEO company in India to embark on a journey of enthralling success in your ecommerce venture.

To learn more about e-commerce SEO and how your business can benefit from it, you may feel free to reach out to e-commerce SEO specialist – Naresh Chauhan whose valuable inputs have helped us in drafting this article. Hopefully, you found it useful and worthwhile.

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