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After almost two and a half years of hibernation due to COVID-19 and its after-effects on the economy, the Indian real estate sector is once again in action mode. We see an incredibly amazing rise in the number of property buyers in all segments – from low-income group to middle and high-income groups. People are perceiving property investment as a wise and futuristic proposition to increase (and even multiply) their wealth without working hard. You invest in property and let it sit for some time. In just a few years, you can expect unexpectedly massive gains.

The enthusiasm and interest people are showing in buying property now has resulted in more and more builders and real estate companies introducing new and more attractive lines of properties to buyers, especially in Delhi, NCR, Noida, Gurugram, and other cities such as Bhubaneswar, Lucknow, and Shillai.

“Modern buyers do not waste time moving around in search of the property they would like to buy rather they prefer to go online, search for the property of their choice, and connect with the seller. Understanding the convenience and need of the hour, almost all real estate companies have gone online these days and that makes it super easy for customers to look for a property in their preferred area by running quick comparisons among available options. At the same time, it is difficult for real estate companies to attract customers to buy their property and not go elsewhere,” as per Naresh Chauhan – Digital marketing expert, SEO trainer, real estate SEO specialist, lead generation specialist and founder at NCSofttech – a leading real estate SEO agency in India.

However, selling the property to the right customers still remains a challenge most real estate companies are facing today. “Just because you have got the best property at the most desirable location and a website to showcase all your impressive projects doesn’t mean customers will immediately find you online. Remember, there are countless other realtors who are vying for customers’ attention online as well as offline. They too have got amazing websites and, perhaps, great property options as well. Then why and how should customers visit your website only and buy property from you? Getting noticed on the web is as difficult as it is to be found in a crowd of thousands to millions of people wearing similar costumes of different shades. Today, perhaps, even the top real estate company in India cannot survive the tough competition without considering SEO for their website,” added Naresh Chauhan.

The role of a real estate SEO agency in India is very crucial to the success of real estate companies. How? Let me explain. As we see, there are countless real estate companies operating in all cities of India these days. Now most of these companies hire a team of competent and capable agents to connect with potential customers via phone, email, personal contact, etc. While the customer support executives employed by these real estate companies work really hard night and day to attract customers into buying the property they are promoting, the success rate may increase manifold with the support of SEO.

With SEO, your website becomes instantly visible and accessible to all potential buyers who type in certain keywords to search for property of their choice in your serviceable areas. For example, the customer may explore the web using keywords such as, “best real estate options in Bhubaneswar,” or they may look for “most affordable flats in Noida,” and so on. If your website is optimized for the keywords that best explain your business and competition, your chances of attracting the most potential and promising customers increase naturally.

“I think hiring a real estate SEO agency in India such as NCSofttech is one of the best things you would do for your real estate business. Let me put it straight. Competition in real estate segment is going to rise further and customers look for convenience whether it is about shopping for apparel online or a house. By being found online easily, you are making their (your potential customers) task easy and giving them a valid reason to consider buying the property you are willing to sell. SEO may help your business a great deal – from being a local real estate agency to a top real estate company in India,” said Naimish Sinha (an acclaimed author and the CTO of EaseMyTrip) and Naresh’s good friend in an interview with one of our team members.

In short, real estate SEO is the fuel for your online real estate business needs to keep propelling. For further assistance and guidance in this regard, you may want to speak to Naresh Chauhan or any of his team members.

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