Hacks to Deliver The Best Digital Political Campaigns

digital political campaigns

The main catalysts for political campaigns have always been reaching the masses and social engagement. And digital political campaigns make it convenient for political parties and candidates to speak to, listen to and engage with their supporters during their election campaigns.

Both the 2014 and 2019 General Elections of India witnessed extreme surge in use of online media thus proving a well-planned digital campaign is crucial to the success of the whole political campaign.

Here are a few efficient strategies to implement one of the best digital political campaigns.

Ideate Campaigns For Multiple Platforms: Your political campaign shouldn’t just focus on one social media channel. Based on social media demographics and how age groups vote, Twitter and Facebook are the go-to platforms for political accounts. But this doesn’t mean counting out the likes of millennials and Gen Z, both of which represent growing voter bases interested in activism and are a crucial part of the best social media campaigns ever. There is no right or wrong platform when it comes to delivering the best digital political campaigns; you should understand where the target audience is and engage with them on the right social networks.

In the 2020 Bihar elections, BJP has developed an elaborate organisational structure for the digital campaign in Bihar, which flagged off with Home Minister Amit Shah holding a virtual Bihar rally from Delhi. With 6.6 million followers on Twitter, CM Nitish Kumar has been active in publicising poll issues, showcasing his government’s development work and propagating electoral promises.

Engage Public via Videos: Videos are at the crux of the best digital political campaigns. Besides using video content on your website and channels like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, you can also create a YouTube channel to host your videos and make your election campaign more enticing. Live videos also have significant contribution to the best social media campaigns ever and political candidates can engage in them and interact with voters and non-voters alike. From election campaign tours to behind-the-scenes footage, videos are arguably one of the most compelling features of digital media that political parties and candidates should be taking advantage of.

Invest on Digital Advertising: Ads in the digital space is a powerful opportunity to tell a political party or candidate’s mission and vision. The best political campaign ads achieve digital success by investing on online advertising, including pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns such as Google Ads and Microsoft Ads, mobile ads and social media advertising on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

The best political campaign ads include target keywords in headlines and copy, and write strong calls to action for search ads that directly state what the advertisers want consumers to do. Digital ads allow political parties and candidates to reach the right people with the right message at the right time, thus gaining an opportunity to turn the electoral process in their favour.

Focus on Political SEO: Although implementation of SEO strategies on political websites is not heard every day, political SEO is a successful strategy that all the best political consulting firms believe in. The biggest benefit of political SEO is you have full control over your online identity. Voters expect to find credible information on political parties and candidates on the top results of search engines. If political websites are not SEO optimised to rank higher on search engines, there is a serious risk of rumours and negative conversations stirring around the parties or candidates in an uncontrolled environment.

Further, a campaign with a strong understanding of SEO is critical to success, reputation management and control of the candidate’s message. Well-planned strategies allow parties and candidates to effectively impact voters’ first impressions online, which is vital to the success of any campaign’s digital strategy.

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