How to Become a LinkedIn Superstar? Tips from Naresh Chauhan

How to Become a LinkedIn Superstar? Tips from Naresh Chauhan

Businesses, marketers, and professionals across the globe use social media today to stay in direct contact with their potential clients and promote their products/services. However, promoting your business, products, or services on social media platforms including LinkedIn, Facebook, and others is not easy – considering the massive competition that exists out there. “Only a well-thought-out strategy and its impeccable implementation can help you get noticed and make an impression on your targeted audiences, as per Naresh Chauhan – digital marketing specialist, social media expert, at NCSofttech.

If you are particularly focusing on LinkedIn users and want to build thousands of audiences for your posts on social platforms like LinkedIn, this article is worth reading for you. We spoke with the Social Media Marketing expert and digital marketing specialist at NCSofttech – Naresh Chauhan. Here are some extremely useful insights about social media marketing, specifically NCSofttech, which he shared with our correspondent.

“Focus on Social Selling Index (SSI) as that will have a far-flung impact on the effectiveness of your posts. For those who may not know what SSI is all about, it is how LinkedIn measures and grades a user’s activities on the social media platform,” as per Naresh.

Multi-posts aren’t as useful as you thought. Yes, if you have the habit of reposting your own content many times during the day with minor edits, you are inadvertently affecting the growth of all the posts that you shared in a day. The best way to maximize traffic for your brand/business/individual LinkedIn profile is to ensure that you post only once a day. Strictly avoid multiple posts.

The first one and a half hours after posting is the most precious time and that decides your post’s reach in the next 7-8 hours. Make sure you respond to each comment at least for the first 12 hours after publishing the post. Remember how your post will grow and how far will it go is decided by these one and a half and twelve hours.

Selfies attract more traffic and, therefore, it is a great idea to add a selfie to your social posts as people are more curious to see and read about them. Posting selfies in individual posts is the easiest way to boost your traffic and generate 3X more engagement. Other than a selfie can help you expand your reach by up to 2.5 times more than other regular posts.

Publishing your own post is one part of the success story, the next important thing you need to do is to engage with at least 3 other posts from your network. This will help you increase your own reach significantly – by up to 20%.

“When we talk about posting content on social media, the focus is always on keeping it crisp, engaging, and unique. But most users neglect one very important aspect of social media posting and it is the timing you follow. The best time to post content on LinkedIn is around 10-11 A.M. or 1 PM during weekends,” added Naresh. It is also advisable that you do not edit your post or comment on it right within the next 10 minutes of posting. Also, avoid making any comments on the post during this time as doing this may reduce your post’s reach by up to 20-40%. Rather it is better to like your post or comment on it via your company’s LinkedIn page.

A lot of people wonder to what should be the ideal type of post. As per research, documents help increase reach by around 2 to 3.5x, polls by 1 to 3x, and new carousel posts by 2.5x, whereas tet and multiple pictures can help you increase your reach by up to 1.7 times. While these are amongst the best types of posts, it is also important to know about the worst types of posts. Video posts, quite contrary to what you might think, may help you increase yours by merely .5 or .8 times, posts that contain external links by just .5x, and posts that have more than two external links can help you get only .2 to .4 times more audiences. In short, it is not advisable to include external links in your posts.

“Including a selfie in your content can help you boost your reach by up to 90x,” adds Naresh. Don’t just post videos. Make sure you caption them. Captioned videos are liked by more viewers and, therefore, help boost audiences by up to 35% and engagement by 25%. Square format is ideal and the video shouldn’t be longer than 1 minute because of the small attention span of online viewers. Upload your video directly to LinkedIn. Videos, where you are seen in the lead role, are the most influential.

Other than these, you need to focus on the hashtags. There should be at least 3 to 5 hashtags in each of your posts. Furthermore, the more comments your post gets, the greater will be its reach. Each comment helps boost your reach not just within your own network but also in the network of those who comment on your post. It is wise to add a few comments as an author as that will reintroduce your post in the feed of contributors and as a result, you can expect extra growth of 25% or more.

One more important tip Naresh shared about increasing engagement and reach on LinkedIn is maintaining consistency. Make sure you post your content at a regular interval of one or two weeks. And above all, the quality of content is most important, and together with algo knowledge, you can be sure of achieving maximum conversions and a sweet spot.

“Each post gives the contributor an opportunity to achieve greater engagement and boost reach that are crucial for the growth and success of any business,” as per Naresh.

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