How to Make 15 Best Digital Marketing Strategies for Business Growth

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Your website is ready for launch and you have a clear idea of your targeted markets. I’m sure you’ve invested adequate efforts in ensuring that your website looks and feels simply stunning and you are not leaving a stone unturned in your efforts to ensure that your business, brand, and value reach right to your potential customers. What next? The next big thing you must do to grow and succeed in your latest business venture is to work around the most effective digital marketing strategy geared towards your business growth.

Only an effective digital marketing strategy can help you pull maximum visitors to your website and eventually help convert them into buyers from window shoppers. A powerful and effective marketing strategy ideally includes your value proposition, business values, demographics of interest, and other critical elements. The strategy should also combine the offline and online strategies smartly. Here are the bests 15 marketing strategies you can use to ensure your business growth.


Make sure your targeted audiences get the right information about your brand, business, products, and services from the most authentic and reliable source. And what can be a better way to ensure this than to share first-hand information with your potential customers via informational and creative blogs? Blogging is, in fact, an integral part of any content marketing and business promotion strategy today. If we trust the online reports, marketers and businesses that use blogging receive up to 67-68% more leads in contrast to those who don’t. Furthermore, marketers who share valuable and relevant content are more likely to achieve positive ROI.

In short, business blogging enables businesses and marketers to add their personality to their brands and business. Blogs are a powerful element of digital marketing tactics as they offer content that leads right back to your business website. With backlinks to your blog, you can see your website traffic increasing like never before.

#2. Post Quality Content That Gets Viral

The digital landscape is already inundated with ads making it difficult and highly challenging for a business to get noticed. Hence, the quality of your content can make a big difference to your marketing strategy – whether you create it or curate it. Content that is liked by the audiences and that has value in it gets shared organically and you don’t have to work hard for it. Using different content for targeting specific market segments is even better in this regard than most one-size fits all marketing campaigns.

#3. Pay Attention to Your Audiences

Digital and/or mobile has virtually exploded in the last few years. Your audiences who can be mostly working from home and away from their family and friends look for content that doesn’t pitch them for sales and rather is geared towards understanding their unique needs and expectations from your brand, business, or product. Attitudes of modern customers are evolving and so should your marketing strategy.

#4. Make Use of Google My Business

Google My Business allows your customers to find your business directly through Google Maps or Search. This is a free platform and you can include it in your digital marketing strategy for managing your profile all over the Google platform. With your Google My Business profile, your business can benefit from Google Business Listing and share useful information such as your operating hours, contacts, physical location, etc.

Just as it is with any social media platform, Google My Business lets you share your business photos and videos as well. It also offers some great insights that can help you know where your customers come from and how they find your business online. You can include additional attributes like your website’s URL, wheelchair access to your office, and availability of Wi-Fi.

#5. Focus on Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms can contribute immensely to your digital marketing strategy as they allow you to grow your customer base/followers and boost your sales as a result. You may advertise your new launches, communicate directly, and share information with your potential customers via social media platforms and save your time with the help of handy tools for managing your social accounts. Your social media account can eventually become a powerful marketing tool and a great sales platform for you.

#6. SEO or Search Engine Optimization

Optimizing your website content, YouTube channels or blogs enables search engines to direct your blog/content towards the search result pages of your users. Search Engine Optimization allows businesses to boost their organic traffic and achieve higher rankings across search results. SEO techniques you need to focus on include:

On-page SEO:
It focuses on the smart and creative use of keywords, titles, long-tail keywords, meta tags, title modifiers, SEO-friendly URLs, and various other elements of the page.

Off-page SEO:
It focuses on the backlinks that link to your website. You can generate backlinks to your blog via guest blogging and boost your search engine result pages’ ranking drastically.

Technical SEO:
This is all about working towards improving your website’s technical aspects so that your website’s ranking is improved on search engines. Search engines read the content by crawling the web and websites depending on the ease of use (of the website) to a user. Hence, you can boost your marketing strategy by optimizing your website so that it is crawlable, secure, and fast.

#7 Give a Personal Touch

Do you wish to rule the social media platforms? Learn from celebrities and how they engage their audiences (fans) by being so personal on their social media. Make sure your tone and approach is personal and not that of a seller. The brands that attract the most users on social media tend to be those that make their audiences feel like they are interacting with another human being and not a brand.

#8. Expert Advice May Be Helpful

Remember digital marketing can never be the one-size-fits-all solution and that you need to tailor it to suit your specific targeted audiences every time you launch a digital marketing campaign. Talk to an expert in the domain like Naresh Chauhan – the digital marketing mentor, guide, trainer, coach, and specialist and discuss your intention candidly – whether you intend to have the expert as your extended team member responsible for executing a workable digital marketing strategy along with your existing team or have them for setting up a foundation and for training your designated team member.

#9. Align the Messaging and Style of Your Brand with Other Digital Content

For creating quality in your brand, you must reflect it with your unique style and messaging with other digital marketing content. Your website’s design and language should help you create a reputation in the marketplace. This will help in making your brand stronger and attract more people to it. Your conversion and sales rate will increase proportionally.

#10. Email Marketing

An email marketing campaign can help you accelerate your cold outreach digital marketing strategy. As consumers/targeted audiences get several emails every day from marketers, you may create a unique plan that stands out and convert your customers’ leads. To ensure maximum impact, the emails need to be personalized for each individual recipient and must have a responsive design that works seamlessly on mobile devices as well as desktops.

With online tools, you may set up an effective email marketing campaign and shoot emails to hundreds of recipients with ease. Using the right tools enables you to access analytics and discover how many users have subscribed to your email, read your messages or unsubscribe.

#11. Video Marketing

Videos attract and engage users more than any other content and when it comes to sharing valuable content with your targeted audiences, nothing can beat the effectiveness and speed of video content. Videos are a fun way to explain to your clients all about your product and how your product can make a difference in their business/lives. Video marketing helps boost client conversion rates faster than textual content and even images because of the engagement they create.

#12. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Once you have to achieve improved organic traffic via search engine optimization (SEO), you may consider going for search engine marketing or SEM. With roughly 40% of product searches taking place on Google, it makes sense to use search engines for showing up on top result pages. Before you invest in a Google AD campaign, make sure you’ve got the right search engine marketing tools to guide you. Some of the top SEM tools include Google Ads Keyword Planner, Google Trends, etc.

#13. Event Marketing

B2B (business to business) event marketing leverages offline marketing as well. It allows the marketers to interact directly with their promising leads and potential clients. A lot of businesses are already benefitting from event marketing and you too can consider event marketing for better promoting your business.

#14. Host Webinars

These days, a lot of marketers and businesses are using webinars for connecting with their customers. Webinars allow businesses to share knowledge and garner quality leads. Webinars attract because of their exciting topics and the fact that viewers can see your products’ demonstrations online. You can record your webinar’s broadcast that leads can watch later on. This further helps in achieving better conversion.

#15. Big Data

Big data is making a big difference to the IT world and that includes marketing as well. Data can help you boost the quality of your leads, enhance customer experiences, and facilitate better and informed decision-making. If you have a data analyst to support you, I am sure you can identify your high-quality leads, find out the best marketing strategies, and utilize your resources for your targeted audiences.

With these strategies and expert advice from Naresh Chauhan, you can take your business to newer heights of success in the shortest time. Are you looking for great marketing strategies for your business? Contact Naresh and book a free demo and consultation now!

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