Impact of Google’s Link Spam Update on Your Business – a Guide by Naresh Chauhan

Google’s Link Spam Update

Summary: As Google’s latest Link Spam Update is making waves among digital marketers, businesses, and startups worldwide, we spoke to the digital marketing expert at NCSoftech. Here’re the excerpts from the interview.

Google has already started rolling out its Link Spam update in December 2022. The update is expected to complete in a week or two. With this, the search giant has taken another massive step toward spam detection and prevention. We spoke to Mr. Naresh Chauhan – the Digital Marketing Trainer, SEO Specialist, and online promotion expert at NCSofttech. He told us all about the update and how and to what extent online businesses and their search engine optimization practices will be influenced by this update. Here’s a summary of what he explained about Google’s Link Spam in December 2022.

“This update will help Google determine and differentiate between purchased links and organically earned links and take appropriate action against the spammers. Millions of links (the purchased and fake ones) and domains are purchased every day with the sole purpose of passing links to other sites. These links and domains exist only for spamming which seriously affects the genuine links from websites and domains that are authentic and that follow white hat SEO practices. I think with Link Spam Update, Google is once again reinstating and reinforcing its commitment to make the search engine more competitive and a fair battleground for businesses that adopt only ethical and fair marketing practices,” as per Naresh Chauhan – the Digital Marketing Specialist and IT Trainer at NCSofttech.

The Link Spam – December 2022 makes use of Google’s Artificial Intelligence-based spam prevention system for nullifying links that are unnatural and fake. Other than spam detection, the system is now empowered to identify sites that buy sites and links for outgoing link building.

Will My Site Be Affected?

Life in the digital sphere is highly competitive and the new update is going to encourage and support healthy and fair competition in the cyber realm. “Since the news of Google’s Link Spam Update 2022 broke, I was literally inundated by queries around it from my fellow marketers, startups, and entrepreneurs. They all had one common query and it was “What would happen to my website once this update is complete?” The only answer I gave them is not to panic and be sure to maintain the highest quality content on their websites as that is the ultimate key to success in the digital world and the only genuine way to achieve higher search engine rankings. In short, I strongly recommend all businesses to consider revamping their websites with newer, more interesting, and engaging content and not something stuffed with keywords just to attract the spider and rank higher,” says Naresh.

As per Google, rankings may be affected post the successful completion of the Link Spam update because it will neutralize all unnatural links, thereby removing any signal that is deliberately supplied to the linking domain. “This update will have some impact on websites irrespective of the language. Hence, how nicely or badly your website will be affected by this update depends largely and solely on the way through which you garner links and how you link to different websites” adds Naresh.

Google has issued strict guidelines when it comes to obtaining and generating links with the aim of boosting your search engine rankings. Other than this, Google has also shared guidelines about qualifying web links that are passed to other sites. “To conclude, all I have to say is just follow Google’s best SEO practices and maintain the quality of content that you share plus the quality and authenticity of links and you can expect higher rankings. Maneuvering with links will do no good, thanks to Google’s Link Spam Update December 2022,” as per Naresh.

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