Killer Ways to Generate More Leads from Real Estate Facebook Ads

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In earlier times, real estate agents relied on posting information on bulletin boards, networking around town and occasionally, going door to door distributing flashy flyers. But now, that strategy doesn’t cut it at all. Most people around us are glued to their phones and the rest are lounging in their gardens waiting for their online orders to arrive.

Today, social media is at its peak; Facebook, Instagram, YouTube are the first names that come to our minds when speaking about social media. Every brand and business is doing their promotion using social media. And the real estate industry is no different. Facebook marketing for real estate agents is generating leads at an unbelievable rate. Other social edia platforms are also becoming significantly effective in finding appropriate buyers and sellers for real estate agents. Here we present a few actionable ways to do marketing in today’s tech world so your listings fly off the market.

Investing on Ads

We all know facebook marketing for real estate agents is a blessing in disguise; it’s a great asset. However, the advertisements should be carefully planned; they should be optimised for maximum profit with minimum output. Any best facebook advertising agency suggests beginning with targeting on the basis of demographic status. You must know your buyers and target them by zip code, age ranges, income, home ownership, lookalike audience and likely to move.

Video Recordings of Properties

Videos have taken the digital world by storm and they are a great marketing tool in the real estate agency. Videos are intimidating and give buyers a sense of seeing it for real. The human mind is more attracted to visuals and connects more through them. Hence, videos attract a great amount of customers as they act as a medium of trust. Though video marketing is an expensive marketing tool; the return it yields is simply worth it. Social media marketing agency focuses on creating 360-degree videos to give virtual tours and incline more customers towards properties.

Showing Multiple Properties on Ads

Get familiar with Facebook’s carousel ad format for your ads to use their full potential. This format of advertisement is perfect for any marketers who focus on attracting customers with visuals. Every best facebook advertising agency uses carousel ad format as it gives them an option to display a series of visually appealing images in a catalogue type format. This gives viewers more listings to scroll through which ultimately gives advertisers more opportunities to turn the audience into profitable leads.

Launching/Endorsing Ads During Peak Times

It is important for every social media marketing agency or real estate firm to know what are the peak months in the market - when most customers are likely to come. Gold stores hit the peak during Diwali; retail outlets flash discounts during Eid and Dussehra to attract more customers. Likewise, there are certain times when people spend on properties and real estate firms should embrace these opportunities by planning their digital marketing campaigns beforehand. Even if you invest a little extra, a solid proof Facebook advertising campaign is bound to bring profits your way.

Appealing Lifestyle

Irrespective of what they claim, people are always intimidated by lavish lifestyles. Showcasing properties through appealing visuals have higher chances of boosting sales. Any FB ads agency strives to tie up with the best photographers as pretty pictures play in favour of real estate like no other. First impressions are everything and likewise, your Facebook ads must make the best impression on first sight.

Reposting Testimonials and Reviews

To generate leads, it’s very important to earn the trust of the customers. And there’s no better source of good branding than a fellow customer who is praising your brand. If people look for reviews before buying food from a restaurant, imagine the importance of reviews and testimonials when buying a home. So, ensure your buyers write good reviews about your agency. Any FB ads agency suggests encouraging customers to share their reviews on social media so real estate agents can reshare and earn trust and credibility.

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