Latest SEO Trends You Should Know To Close Real Estate Deals Quicker

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2021 was a year of recovery for India’s residential real estate market. And this robust momentum is expected to continue throughout 2022, with sales likely to reach pre Covid levels. As such, real estate companies should expand their availability and reach across all platforms. Serious attention needs to be paid to growing online presence and increasing brand awareness, traffic and brand authority. And to make all these happen, you need a solid real estate SEO strategy. Google’s algorithms are hard to crack and they are updated over time. As such, seeking the advice of a successful real estate SEO company in India is essential to improve ranking on search engines.

Here we present the newest SEO trends that will enable you to dominate the real estate sales process from listing to closing the deal, and keeping customers on your side.

Feature Snippets and Google Answer Boxes

Displaying feature snippets and answer boxes that appear on Google’s first page is the latest trend going around in real estate circles. Even though these features have been there for a while, greater emphasis and weightage on them happened only recently. Real estate SEO consultant in Delhi or any other Indian city suggests creating content that is optimized for these features. Doing so could drastically improve ranking and brand authority. An efficient real estate SEO expert in Noida or anywhere in India does this through keyword research to reap maximum benefits from these features.

Google Maps on Website

This is a trend that every successful real estate SEO company in Gurgaon, Delhi/NCR swears by. Embedding a Google map on the real estate website, showing everyone your businesses’ address can significantly improve SEO. Once Google confirms a business’ location, it provides that piece of information on your Google business page for all your online audience to see. Doing this also verifies your site's credibility and legitimacy.

Comments on Blogs

Blog comments, both on websites and other platforms, are effective tools to improve SEO and boost traffic. If there are comments on your real estate website, Google gets an indication that there is activity and traffic on your site, thus improving your ranking. Any efficient real estate digital marketing agency suggests engaging with other blogs in your niche through comments to draw traffic to your blog and demonstrate expertise and knowledge.

Testimonials and Reviews

Getting good reviews establishes the legitimacy of your business, but it also boosts your off-page SEO. Getting reviews on sites like Google business page, Facebook page and website will make your online presence popular and helpful to Google’s algorithm. And this leads to your site climbing up the SERPs. Even though more reviews lead to higher ranks, any professional real estate SEO company in India suggests going for quality over quantity. Real estate agents should focus on having high-quality, detailed, and authentic reviews than a lot of short, spammy ones.

Monitor Brand Mentions

Monitor any mentions of your real estate brand online, and one way to do this is setting up a Google Alert. Expert real estate SEO consultant in Delhi or any other Indian city does this to build backlinks and ensure information about your business online is accurate. Closely monitoring brand mentions and online business directories will give you the chance to correct things immediately if your address or phone number is listed incorrectly. It is essential to fix mistakes quickly on online directories as Google verifies their information with these directories.

Focus on Page Load Speed

The speed of a page being loaded, especially on mobile, is a very critical element for real estate agents. Google is paying a lot of attention to mobile-friendly sites, so a solid real estate SEO strategy incorporates website optimization for smartphones. The search engine often penalizes websites and drops rankings if a page loading speed is too slow. To get a faster load speed, any real estate SEO expert in Noida or anywhere in India turns videos into pop-ups instead of embedding them directly on the page, condenses image file sizes and deletes any plugins that are slowing down a site.

Web Vitals Update

Google launched the web vitals update to its algorithm in 2020. This introduction was aimed to improve user experience and the update provides you with three options to do so. ‘First Input Delay’ assigns your website a score by measuring its interactivity. ‘Largest Contentful Pack’ monitors the overall loading performance which is why it is so crucial to have a fast page loading speed. Lastly, ‘Cumulative Layout Shifts’ measures your website’s visual stability. It is essential to score well on these three updates to rank higher on Google.

Local SEO

Since 2021, local SEO has become a very critical part of search engine optimization for real estate agents. Any real estate SEO company in Gurgaon, Delhi/NCR suggests focusing more on ranking high in local search results for your area to generate more leads. Expert SEO services for real estate use the localized approach to enhance brand awareness, drive traffic and increase the number of high quality leads for your real estate business.

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