PPC Advertising for Start-Ups: What Business Leaders Need to Know

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Start-ups that don’t have strong funding often struggle to establish their brand names. Operating on a limited marketing budget isn’t easy. Traditional and super-expensive marketing avenues like TV ads or billboard ads are essentially closed for such businesses. That’s why paid search, a far more cost-effective form of advertising, is much more appealing to new businesses.

What is Paid Search?

Paid search or Pay-Per-Click, or simply PPC advertising, is a digital advertising channel. It allows start-up leaders to pay to have their websites or apps displayed on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Whenever a target customer looks up a specific keyword or search term, the PPC ads show up on their SERPs. Start-ups only have to pay when target customers interact with their ads. That’s why this digital marketing model is called “pay-per-click.”

  • You create ads for specific keywords or search phrases.
  • When target users look up these terms on search engines, they’re shown your paid ads on the SERPs.
  • If the user is enticed by your paid ad and clicks on it – you pay a small fee to the ad platform (e.g., Google Ads).

If executed correctly, a paid Google ads campaign can do wonders for a small start-up. It can make your start-up brand’s name highly visible on the internet. With visibility comes web traffic.

As more people see the start-up company in their search results, more people will visit the company’s website. If the start-up company’s website is optimized for conversions, then PPC ads can directly lead to sales.

Here’s how a PPC specialist helps a start-up company achieve these goals –

Controlled Spending

Pay per click advertising is very appealing to start-ups because they have total control over what they spend. PPC experts set clear campaign parameters when it comes to costs. If a start-up company is unwilling to spend over a certain amount, the PPC expert will adjust the campaign accordingly.

Quick Results

PPC ads lead to engagements, interactions, and leads very quickly. That’s because this marketing process is inorganic. A Google ads expert will conduct extensive research into what keywords his/her target audiences use. By adding these relevant and “hot” keywords to their PPC ad campaigns, they essentially guarantee interactions and engagement.

People are guaranteed to look up these terms. When they do, they see well-designed PPC ads with enticing CTAs. Even if 10% of the people who see the ads visit the start-up company’s website, it’s great brand engagement. Achieving short-term user engagement or user growth goals is very easy with PPC advertising.

Test and Improve

A top Google ads agency will test different variations of the same ad campaign multiple times. They’ll change the keywords they target, ad placements, ad contents, and other small details in each trial. By going through this process of refinement, PPC experts increase their chances of success.

They examine which ad headlines, callout extensions, or landing page headers attract the most user attention. These experts keep readjusting their PPC campaigns until they’re perfectly optimized for conversions.

Organic Rankings

PPC ads also aid a start-up company’s aims to rank organically on search engines. In a specific industry or domain, hundreds of websites compete for the same keywords. They all include these keywords on their websites. The start-up websites with low domain authority don’t get any benefits from using these keywords.

The well-established brands and websites steal all the user interactions. By launching PPC campaigns, even smaller start-ups can bid for these highly relevant keywords. They can then rank for these super-popular keywords that their target audiences are searching for despite their poor domain ratings.

PPC advertising allows start-up businesses to reach wider audiences pretty quickly and cost-effectively. If you’re a new start-up struggling to attract user attention, launching a Google ads campaign can transform your company’s fortunes.

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