Top 4 Practical Tips On How to Improve PPC Results

hiring a PPC specialist

Using PPC advertising to promote your business is an excellent strategy, but it’s very easy to do it wrong. There are several common errors that beginner advertisers tend to make, and they can severely impair your ability to bring in more customers through your Google ads campaign.

Fortunately, these mistakes are easy to avoid if you have the best digital marketing company in Delhi, Noida, and Gurgaon or the right tips on how to improve PPC results and guidance from an experienced PPC expert or google ads expert! Here are four practical tips on how to improve PPC results using a Google ads campaign.

How do Google Ads Campaigns Work?

Before we get into improving your Google Ads, you should understand how they work.

  • Google AdWords allows you to set up an ad google ads campaign that triggers when certain words or phrases are searched.

This is called keyword targeting, and it allows you to get in front of potential customers at exactly the right time when they’re actively looking for something just like yours.

1. Understands the Value of PPC Advertising in Your Business.

You should definitely consider using Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising if you are running a business.

It’s a highly targeted way of raising brand awareness and leads for your business. With PPC advertising, users can find what they’re looking for when they search online. And what better way is there to raise brand awareness than getting right in front of your customers.

2. Set up Your PPC Campaign.

To set up your Google Ads campaign, go to ads and extensions in your AdWords account.

You can also use a 3rd party service like We offer an alternative way of setting up and monitoring your campaign, which could be very useful if you don’t have time for it or are looking for a more hands-off approach. What kind of PPC expert are you? Work with a team.

3. Select The Best Times to Run Your PPC Campaign.

It’s important to select the best times for running your pay-per-click campaign, whether using Google Ads or some other platform.

As a general rule of thumb, you want to be running your ads during hours when your target audience is most likely viewing their computers and searching for keywords relevant to your business.

This might seem obvious at first - but depending on what kind of business you run, you may want to consider scheduling different hours for different days of the week.

Don’t overdo it with your ads, as that can hurt performance rather than help it! Also, keep in mind that there are certain non-standard hours when most people aren’t online – so avoid those unless necessary.

4. Choose a PPC Specialist Rather Than Attempting It on Your Own

Hiring a PPC expert, who can help you create a Google Ads campaign that gets clicks and increases traffic, is far more effective than trying to do it yourself.

And hiring a PPC specialist saves you time and allows you to spend your valuable time doing what you do best.

Want more convincing? A research study revealed that outsourcing search marketing campaigns led to an average 50 percent increase in cost-per-click (CPC) compared with non-outsourced accounts.

Still, need convincing? Google has also observed that searchers are 23 percent more likely to click paid ads than organic listings.

These statistics show how advantageous it is for small businesses to work with an expert when attempting SEO and other paid advertising initiatives.


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